Ranunculus Elegance Biancio Striato
Ranunculus Elegance Biancio Striato
Ranunculus Elegance Biancio Striato
Ranunculus Elegance Biancio Striato
Ranunculus Elegance Biancio Striato
Ranunculus Elegance Biancio Striato

Ranunculus 'Elegance Biancio Striato'

  • A profusion of breathtaking, stunningly beautiful, immaculate looking blooms.
  • Hundreds of large, voluptuous burgundy edged creamy petals tightly packed into every bloom.
  • Excellent, long lasting cut flowers with long, sturdy stems, perfect for flower arranging.
  • Plant in groups to create a luxurious feast for the eyes in your beds, borders and pots.
  • Supplied as a pack of 10 corms, size 2/3.

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10 x Corms - Item: 630260
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The flowers of Ranunculus are quite unbelievable and the bugundy edged creamy blooms of  'Bianco' have amazingly thin petals, a little like tissue paper and look absolutely immaculate.

Perfect for planting in containers or borders and looking stunning when mass planted, their strong, straight stems also make them excellent, long lasting cut flowers. Deadheading will promote more flowers so the display keeps on going and going.

Although hardy perennials, the corms require a mulch to survive the harshest winter. Alternatively you can dig them up and store them in a cool, dark, dry location until the following spring.

Supplied as a pack of 10 corms, ready for planting.

Plant Care Information

Perfect In Pots
Perfect In Pots
Plant In Sunshine
Plant In Sunshine
Winter Hardy
Winter Hardy
Cut Flower
Cut Flower
Easy To Grow
Easy To Grow

Top Tips

  • Ranunculus dislike extreme summer heat, but need plenty of bright light.

Care Information

Planting Ranunculus

  • Soak the corms in tepid water for 2-3 hours prior to planting
  • Plant the corms 5 - 8cm deep with the ‘fingers’ pointing downwards, 5 – 10cm apart.
  • Plant your Ranunculus corms in autumn or spring in light, well drained soil.
  • Plant in borders or containers in a sheltered position.

Planting/Flowering Calendar

Planting Time
Flowering Time
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

Fully Grown Plant Dimensions (approx)

Plant Dimensions
40 cm
20 cm
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