Shredded Horse Manure XL
Shredded Horse Manure XL
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Shredded Horse Manure XL
Shredded Horse Manure XL
Shredded Horse Manure XL

Shredded Horse Manure XL

  • Horse manure is a traditional and natural soil improver for all round your garden or allotment
  • This top grade manure has been composted and treated so is seed and insect free
  • Ideal for mulching plants to retain moisture in the soil, surpress weeds and replace nutrients
  • Composted and shredded and pleasant to use - smells like good fresh compost
  • Supplied as 60L Bag Premium Grade Horse Manure, ready to use, delivered to your door

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60L Bag
Item: 100035
60L Bag - Item: 100035
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Get this extra special manure for your garden and grow the best displays ever! Unlike regular farmyard manure, this Premium Grade manure is composted for at least 16 weeks, at a temperature that will kill all seeds, pathogens and fly larvae that are present in the manure. That means it is in the perfect condition to help your plants grow like crazy and thrive!

Fork it into your soil, or use it as mulch. It will retain moisture, control weeds, but most importantly it will add an abundance of essential nutrients to your soil meaning bigger, better plants! Don't worry about the smell or about getting mucky the manure is very well broken down and is just like a good compost!

The perfect product for mulching, planting and soil conditioning. Ideal for use on flowers, fruit & vegetables, as well as roses, trees and shrubs.

Composted horse manure is one of the most effective and natural ways to put nutrients back into the soil; dig it in directly or use as a mulch where a couple of inches around plants will keep moisture in the soil and supress weeds.

Our premium grade horse manure is actually collected from racing stables and is pleasant to use, with an earthy smell - not at like you'd expect! It's been thoroughly composted to remove weed seed and insect larvae and does a great job.

Gardening doesn't get much better than this!


*Please note as this is a heavy item delivered by courier, there will be an additional postage charge added to your basket.

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Item 100035 supplied as:
Supplied as a 60 litre bag of premium grade horse manure, ready to use. *Please note as this is a heavy item delivered by courier.
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